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tv   Newsline  NHK World  June 8, 2014 2:00pm-2:11pm JST

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you're watching nhk world's "newsline."watching nhk world's i'm kanako sachno. heavy fighting continues between government troops and pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine. president petro poroshenko was inaugurated in the capital kiev on saturday. a separatist spokesperson said the group was hit by artillery attacks from government forces in the donetsk area on saturday. he said that the two sides also exchanged fire on friday. the spokesman says that the
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separatists destroyed 20 armored vehicles. government officials said that a cargo plane was shot down by separatists. officials say several border checkpoints are closed as groups are believed to be crossed into ukraine from russia. the u.n. refugee agency says more than 10,000 ukrainians have fled their homes in the past three months. residents are trying to escape fighting between government troops and pro-russian separatists. the u.n. high commission for refugees said people are flooding out of the regions to seek sanctuary elsewhere in the country. about 3,000 refugees are now taking shelter in the capital kiev. many have no relatives or friends rely on and are struggling to get by. unhcr representative in ukraine, aldridge, said if the security situation in the east doesn't
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improve, the number of internally displaced people could rise by the thousands or even tens of thousands. government officials in pakistan have pulled the country's leading news channel off the air. the pakistan electoral regulatory authority ordered the station to suspend operations for 15 days. it also fined the station about $100,000. the station had aired reports claiming intelligence agents were involved in an attack on one of its news casters. the anchorman was seriously wounded in a shooting. the report said the man had told his family that intelligence authorities were trying to kill him. journalists and human rights groups have criticized the decision. they say it represents an attack on free speech. the u.s. deputy secretary of state is prepared to sit down with negotiators from iran.
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william burns will lead the latest effort to break an international deadlock over teheran's nuclear program. burns will mean with the iranians on monday in geneva. they are trying to work out a deal before a july deadline. delegates from the u.s., russia, china, britain, france and germany have spent years negotiating with their iranian counterparts and want to ensure teheran doesn't use its technology to develop weapons of mass destruction. the sides disagree on how many centrifuges should be needed for for iran's two iranian enrichment facilities. they are also arguing about a heavy water reactor being built in the western city of iraq. iranian officials want to press on with construction. heavy rainfall triggered flooding and landslides in
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northern afghanistan. more than 70 people have dn killed. and many others are missing. the downpour started on friday in the northern province of baghlan. authorities say that more than 800 houses in four villages have been damaged. they say at least 74 people have died and thousands of others are homeless. blocked roads are hampering search and rescue operations. many communities remain inaccessible. the death toll could rise. afghanistan has been hit by a series of natural disasters in recent months. a massive landslide in the northeastern province of badakshan in may killed 500 people. more than 170 people have died in a series of floods since april. top intelligence officials in the united states are joining the world of social media. they launched official accounts on twitter and facebook. officials at the central intelligence agency started a facebook page this month.
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and they began tweeting on friday. the first message showed they have a sense of humor. they wrote, we can neither confirm nor deny this is our first tweet. the account already has won hundreds of thousands of followers. cia director said he hopes the agency can develop a closer relationship with the public and he says social media can help provide information about its mission and history. the launch comes at a time of growing public distrust in government intelligence agencies. that follows revelations last year of massive online data gathering by agents with the national security agency. government officials in china are using a business expo to promote trade with their asian neighbors. the five day exhibition attracts around 2500 fans from south and southeast asia. the second china expo runs through tuesday in the capital of the southwestern province of
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hunan. about 80 vietnamese businesses are displaying and selling furniture and other times. at the opening ceremony china's vice premier said china will establish a bank to invest in infrastructure in developing economies in the region. however some vietnamese representatives said a dispute between vietnam and china over islands in the south china sea could overshadow business between the countries. >> translator: i think both governments should resolve the current territorial problems. >> chinese authorities have urged citizens not to travel to vietnam and have counseled with their neighbor following violent anti-china demonstrations there. pop music fans of japanese singing group akb 48 attended a performance and awaited the results of a popularity poll.
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the event was held amid tight security following an attack on two singers last month. organizers beefed up screening procedures at a sports stadium in tokyo. fans submitted to security checks by metal detectors before entering the venue. around 70,000 fans are awaiting the results of the annual vote known as the general election. the ballot ranked all 296 members of akb 48 and its sister groups by fan popularity. one of the injured girls took the stage for the first time since the attack. she smiled through tears and thanks all her fans for their support. >> another akb 48 who was
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injured was absent. speaking by phone she said she was good in shape and expressed her gratitude to all of the fans. here's your three day world weather forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of "newsline." we'll be back with more news at the stop of the hour.
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i'm kanako sachno. thank you very much for joining us. a large lake with blue sky and green mountains in between. this is in the highlands of western central mexico. they tell me it has an altitude of over 2,000 meters. that area there looks like the center of town surrounded by moin


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